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The clue BEHIND the name 

In Japanese, Kaizen (改善) means to improve or change for better. In Lean project management, Kaizen is defined as a philosophy seeking to improve a process through small, continuous, positive changes applied by team members across every level of an organization, over a long period.
At KaizenX we believe service innovation and experience design can be applied by taken small steps-The end results are success in innovation, increase in revenue, customer-centric service & market leadership.

We are vibrant folks focusing on designing every aspect of your business. We research, ideate, innovate, and constantly improve seamless and coherent experiences for our customers across channels and touchpoints.

We combine service & experience design, technology development, marketing crafts, and strategy in all stages of the business lifecycle with unique services that outcompete others in quality, speed, and value.

Our model focuses on user-centric, which makes us build unique services and makes us think of future needs. We realize innovative solutions by prototyping. We design and build unique experiences and run continuous improvement efforts and live, eat, and breathe business and organization transformation.

We break down business transformation services into separate key offerings by doing the following: User | Customer Research, Business Model Planning, Service Design, CX Strategy, Innovation, Validation, and Experience Design.

About the team

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