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At KaizenX, Prototyping is one of the main sprint we practice .

A prototype can focus on the holistic end-to-end user experience or a single step within the user | customer journey. 

Prototypes come in different forms , stages of refinement , and levels of details .Depending on the purpose of prototyping , the outcome can be more than enough to test the product in the early stages .


Concrete Outcomes

We develop MVP (minimum viable product ) .  It is the best way to keep the balance between delivering main features and keeping costs at a reasonable level.

MVP includes features that target the main needs of the users | customers. The minimum viable product facilities the overall development process. It helps to design, test and deliver the final product. 

What you can expect?

Through a co-creation workshop 

KaizenX helps you to try , create product that is feasible and desirable .

Service processes
Physical objects& 
ecosystems & Business

Prototype with us !

Ready to gather your team to create & prototype MVP ?

We are keen to show the way and guide you through your product testing and prototyping .

Contact us today, so we can enlighten your team and let them experience  how  prototyping & testing  cancan save them a lot of work and money !

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