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Experience DESIGN

Take your passion for architectural | interior design to the next level and learn how you can design non-digital experiences in a digital world. 
Wouldn't it be great if you could design memorable experiences that connect users with the space you have designed for them?
Yes, my aim is to design an uplifting experience for users 
Well, there is a process that can change what you design !.
I’m sure you know the feeling when you enter a place and the experience drives you to go to that place over and over. You keep talking about it and you even decide to take your friends there. The experience transforms you from a passing-by user to an advocate user!
Yes, that's Experience Design

Now everyone talks about experience design that has transformed the digital market. It’s your turn to rejuvenate experience design in physical spaces and transform the way people behave and interact with today's cities, spaces, and buildings.  

Experience design was always there, every great architect practiced it, it was never only about great massive structures or great design, it was always about users, it was always about how 'Design' can change the way they live and interact!

Aren't we still designing great buildings for people?

Architects & Interior designers spend a great time designing the best places that can inspire people. They focus on every aspect of the space they design but sometimes they forgot about the present!

Plain Wall

Here Is The Problem

In the last few years, we witnessed a revolution in the digital world. People are relying on technology more than ever. Digital platforms became essential for everyday communication, interaction, and even to sustain life.

People unintentionally forgot how buildings were created for them to live, interact, inspire, and perform.

That leaves designers to face a greater challenge,

How can you design for people who are no longer in need of spaces to communicate, interact, and work?

Moreover, the challenge took clients' attention from investing in constructing spaces to investing in digital solutions.


Sell your service as "Designing user experiences through architecture" instead of just
architectural design service!
Design interactive human-centric spaces that will attract people to physical spaces again!
Learn the process that international architects leverage it to design revolutionary buildings 
Design meaningful spaces? Not just sustainable or eco friendly!
Learn and leverage from the digital design revolution and apply the experience design process to create your own revolution in Interior / Architectural design?
Fulfill the gap between client satisfaction and what you believe as a designer
Deliver a holistic design proposal where you don’t leave many chances for the client to disagree or argue about your design Idea.
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