At KaizenX, we apply the Design Sprints framework for validating ideas and solving big wicked problems.

Design Sprints are a formula for innovation. 

They are designed & built for speed, focus, and purpose. They compel you to put your customers first so you can understand their needs, pains, and gains. Then through a structured program focus your team’s efforts on the mutual goal of discovering innovative solutions.

Concrete Outcomes

The design sprint program aims to save your organization months of research and development as well as costs associated with planning, marketing, and resources. 

In a few days, you will break down company silos and gain validated customer feedback. This will reduce the risk of failure and wasted investment in project initiatives.

GOOGLE VENTURES ; The sprint gives teams a shortcut to learning without building and launching.

What you can expect?

We practice the latest Sprints 3.0 days program developed by GV  for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.

At KaizenX we focus on framing the problem before we start with the sprints 

Design Sprints
Day 1
Design Sprints
Day 2
Design Sprints
Day 3

Try before you commit

We are happy to run an Intro Design Sprint session. This is a 60 minutes hands-on practical session. 

Contact us today, so we can enlighten your team and let them experience how  Design sprints can transform the way they work!

Ready to gather your team to innovate solutions through design sprints?
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