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Design For Measuring Impact

of your service design offering

We believe that measuring impact is an essential step to take for every entrepreneur, organization and every service provider. 


When services that we rely on every second become inaccessible, societies start to feel the value they provide,  but they also start to form different opinions about these services and their cooperation.

The organizations that have the technology, capabilities, and resources to monitor and measure humans' needs and feelings at this time, will more likely to develop innovative solutions to sustain their position and will truly transform and offer more services. 

The goal is to ensure that individuals, organizations, and communities are effectively empowered by sustainable and transformational solutions to resolve long term and complex problems. We support organizations&entrepeneers to harness the moment by understanding the impact they hope to achieve and subsequently develop products, services, skills, capacities, and tools to deliver greater impact through their initiatives.

Why We Measure Impact !

  • To prove whether your service offering been successful and sustainable or not!

  • To reflect on and improve the service we are designing as well as process 

  • to come up with innovative solutions and deliver positive impact


  • Selecting the right metrics and methods to measure performance and impact.

  • How we balance the need to measure organizations’ performance through practices it has versus measures of the outcomes, or results, of those practices.


By asking the right questions will allow us to discover the touchpoints and to create sustainable innovative solutions.


  • How can service design best measure the impact of the services you provide?


  • How can you harness the moment to develop new tools and ideas?


  • Why are we measuring impact and for whom?


  • What approach should we follow to measure impact?

  • What are the tools & methods to measure impact?

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Let us show you how service design can measure your service's performance and its social impact. 

Ready to take your service offering to the next level?
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